Automatic chicken skin opener with chicken skin - Luxury model - Metal with battery pack, solar cells and easy programming



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Avoid getting up and going to bed with the chickens. Chicken leg with built-in automatic chicken leg opener. Opens and closes automatically according to light/darkness, the time you set or with the remote control. Absolute luxury model.

Opens and closes the chicken flap using a light sensor/dusk relay, programming, pressing the buttons on the flap or using the remote control. 


  • Both the limb and the opening function are built in the same way
  • No string pull, but a simple gear wheel that moves the limb
  • Waterproof
  • The opening hole is 25 cm high and 20 cm wide
  • The limb requires requires space to open to the side
  • Solar cell with external dimensions of 14.5 cm width and 9.5 cm height included - incl. bracket for mounting and ground spike as well as cable for connection
  • Remote control included
  • Indicator light that shows whether open or closed
  • Made of aluminum - painted black
  • CE approved
  • Incredibly easy to install and program