Pylos game - Board game for 2 people - Mini version



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Board game that challenges both your strategic and three-dimensional abilities. From 8 years and up. Fun and exciting game that is suitable for the college, the cafe, the summer house or at home. Game for 2 people.


In Pylos you will be one that places the last ball on top of the pyramid. It sounds simple but is harder than it sounds

At the start of the game, each player has fifteen balls, either light or dark, and they take turns placing them on a game board that has sixteen recesses in a 4x4 grid

When four balls have been placed next to each other in a square, a ball can be placed on top of them, forming another game level

Players can then place balls on this second level and eventually allow a ball to be placed on the third level

When the level is fully, which requires only four balls, a final ball can be placed on the fourth level where it plays the game.