Squadro game - Board game for 2 people



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Board game that challenges both your strategic and two-dimensional abilities. From 8 years and up. Fun and exciting game that is suitable for the college, the cafe, the summer house or at home. Game for 2 people.


  • To win Squadro, you need to be the first player who makes a return with four of your five pieces.
  • Each player starts with their five pieces in trug on their side of the game plate, where players sit at each other.
  • When you move a piece, you move it a piece based on the strength specified in the truget that you leave.
  • Once the piece has found the way over the board, you move it back based on the strength of the other side.
  • If you pass over an opposing piece while moving, the opposing piece must return to its last departure, and your moving piece advances one cell further than where the opposing piece was.