Vileda Soft Sponge Cloth - Pack of 3 pieces - Useful for surface disinfection



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The Vileda Soft sponge cloth is a super thin sponge cloth, perfect for tasks in the kitchen and for surface disinfection, as the cloth can absorb 15 times its own weight.

The cloth is a 100% natural product. The Vileda Soft sponge cloth is produced from cotton and cellulose, naturally completely free of microplastic. The cellulose is a wood pulp, and comes exclusively from Swedish forests. The cotton is recycled surplus cotton from spinning mills.

The sponge cloth is completely biodegradable and can get on your compost pile when you can no longer use it. After 6 weeks, the cloth has formulated and turned to soil. A completely natural product that is free of microplastics.

The Vileda Soft sponge cloth is not a disposable cloth, and it can easily be machine washed at up to 60ᵒC, and used again and again. When it can no longer, it can be sorted as biowaste or it can be formulated in your compost pile. An environmentally friendly choice.